The most advanced and invisable floor safety product available.

The antiSLIPsystem® has been put to the test following all the current Health and Safety Executive guidelines and has not only met the standards but has greatly exceeded them. Test readings have been taken by electronic measuring equipment with software approved by the Health and Safety Executive in the UK.

Where is it used?

Swimming Pools, patios, driveways, stairs, bathrooms, bathtubs, schools, kitchens, hotels, restaurants, supermarkets, public areas, etc.

To make it short:

Everywhere where a dry or wet floor is dangerous!


To reduce the number of slips and falls on hard surfaces, for example Ceramic Tiles, clinkers, etc., when wet. As per researches done by the CBS (Central Bureau of Statistics) it seems that most accidents occur by slipping on wet and slippery floors. With the antiSLIPsystem® this problem is finally belonging to the past.


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