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Thousands of people every year, suffer injury as a result of slips and trips, the vast majority being preventable.
            GRP anti – slip flooring panels provide a quick, safe, effective solution to slippery pedestrian and vehicle traffic areas where slips and falls are a potential hazard.
           GRP Sheets and strips are easy to install using mechanical fixing and / or general purpose adhesive and can be walked on usually within one hour of installation.

  •  Footbridges
  •  Ramps and Platforms
  •  Gangways
  •  Uneven concrete surfaces
  •  Decking and tail lifts
  •  Marina decking
  •  Offshore Installations *
  •  Underground transportation *
  •  * see fire resistance
Grip Plate
Grip Plate
Grip Plate
Grip Plate


GRP Gritted plate and GRP stair nosings can be manufactured using either general purpose grade or Class 1 fire rated ISOPHTHALIC RESIN SYSTEMS.
            However, for the ultimate in fire resistance, PHENOLIC RESINS can be incorporated, which not only provide the best fire resistance of any known composite material, but also produce virtually no toxic fumes or smoke in the event of a fire. GRP gritted panels and GRP nosings are currently used in the London Underground network, and in other high-risk applications such as refineries, chemical plant & offshore installations.

Fire Resistance
Fire Resistance


At Scandic Coating, we can offer customers a bespoke product and a range of benefits other companies would be unable to achieve.

These include: › Available in any colour  › Manufactured to required size   › Fast turn around   › Highly competitive pricing   › Choice of highly fire rated options   › Fine, medium or coarse surface.

Non Slip Flooring Panels
Non Slip Flooring Panels


In applications where a more aesthetic product is required, GRP chequer plate is an excellent option to the gritted sheet. GRP Chequer plate comes with either a distinctive ‘tear drop’ or five bar pattern, and can be produced with additional re-inforcements to ensure an incredibly strong and robust panel. Alternative resin systems such as Atlac’s or vinyl esters can be utilised giving a product with a high degree of chemical resistance, which can be installed in the harshest of environment.

Non Slip Flooring Checker Plates
Non Slip Flooring Checker Plates


GRP Tactiles are hardwearing moulded panels installed to assist the visually impaired to determine a change in ground surface at areas such as pedestrian crossings and railway platforms.
What makes our product unique, is the fact it can be supplied as either a single tile, in a strip of three, or square of nine, minimizing fixing points and negating the requirement for expensive groundwork.
Tiles can be supplied in any colour and a range of varying thicknesses to suit particular applications.

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Anti-Slip Panels
          Anti-Slip Panels Anti-Slip Panels
          Anti-Slip Panels
 Sample Ref. Surface Finish  Surface
Roughness Rz 
Temperature °C 
 Orientation  Pendulum Test Value
Dry  Wet 
 F66326  Medium Grit  54.5 24  Along  90  83 
Across 98 85 
 F66324  Fine Grit  64.7 24 Along  103  87 
Across  100 88 
The TRL pendulum tester has a range of readings from 0 to 150, high values indicating good slip resistance. Guidance on the interpretation of results using the Four S Slider is suggested by the UK Slip Resistance Group as follows:
Potential For SLip Pendulum Test Value 
High 0 to 24 
Moderate 25 to 35 
Low 36 + 

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Technical Documentation
Technical Documentation
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