Frequently Asked Questions

On which kinds of floor can the antiSLIP® system be applied?
On all hard, glazed and unglazed tiled floors.
Natural stone (marble, granite, bluestone, basalt, etc.). Always test a small area first.
As a result of its complex composition, natural stone is not always suitable for the antiSLIPsystem®.
Cement floors.
Porcelain bathtubs.
Can it also be used on wood, linoleum/vinyl or a coated concrete/epoxy floor?
No, these floors cannot be treated with the antiSLIPsystem®. Gritplates, on the other hand, can be used on these floors.
Can the gloss disappear?
In some cases, the gloss may fade slightly, although the tile's original aspect will not be affected.
How do I maintain a treated floor?
Soap cleaning products, coatings, impregnating products, wax, polymers and crystallization materials have an negative effect on the antiSLIPsystem®. One could use an alcohol based cleanser.
My floor has a white haze after being treated. Is there anything I can do?
We call this the "whitening effect". This particularly occurs on darker floors and will disappear within 14 days if the floor is cleaned regularly.
Is the antiSLIPsystem® resistant to chlorine, road salt and urine?
Yes. These substances do not harm the system.
Can I use a high-pressure hose to clean a treated patio?
Yes, but do not hold the water jet too close to the tiles, because this may not only affect the antiSLIPsystem®, but also your tiles.
Can I use the antiSLIPsystem® in my bathtub or shower basin?
It can be used in porcelain bathtubs. Unfortunately, it cannot be used in plastic bathtubs. For plastic bathtubs, you can use our aquatape, which has been specially developed for this use.

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